Coaster Board and Beer Mat
Supplier Since 1970

Fishers Coaster Board, also known as pulpboard or beer mat, is extremely durable, long lasting and highly absorbent.

Imported from Europe, this is a two-sided bleached uncoated board with high bulk and absorption properties. It is mainly used for promotional coasters, beer mats, cap seals, cake underlays, air fresheners and other types of specialty end-uses where high stiffness and thickness are required.

When it comes to beer mats or drink coasters, the thicker your coasters, the more moisture they will absorb and the longer they will last. Fishers Coaster Board is one of the highest quality products on the market today. Our product is suitable for large-format letterpress, UV, digital as well as latex and offset-printing. It comes in a standard 40 x 60" sheet as is available in these thicknesses - .035pt, .045pt and .061pt.

Typical Applications

  • Beer Coasters
  • Promotional Coasters
  • Cake underlays
  • Cap seals
  • Air-fresheners

Specifications (Units)

Caliper Tolerance .035 .045 .061
Thickness (um) +/- 5% 900 1150 1550
Grammage, g/m² +/- 4% 390 480 630
Smoothness, ml/min 1600 2000 2000
Moisture, % +/- 1.5 8.0 8.0 8.0
Brightness, ISO (C/2), % 75 75 75
Scott Bond, J/m² 90 90 90
Absorbency, both sides 30 30 30
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